Friday, May 10, 2013

:) ... Definitely Twisted

I'm sad. Very sad.
I go on twitter this morning to tweet :( and for some reason I rather tweet :) and I only find out my mistweet (is there even such a word?) this afternoon (I must have been too distraught to check). I contemplated tweeting what I'd wanted to, but I didn't, and I just put it here as well. Why? Cos everything happens for a reason. I entered a competition hoping I'd win, but turns out I wasn't one of the finalists (just found out this morning). There's a reason I wasn't shortlisted (thinking positive).

I am not venting by taking out my distraughtness (I am not 100% sure its a word but why is it underlined?) on this, but I was going to talk about it way before I got my sad news.

Ever watched "Twisted Tips" on Viasat 1 (if you're in Ghana)? Oh my! I always see the ad, but I never watch. Two weeks ago, I was at a friend's place and it was showing. We weren't really watching television, so none of us bothered to change the station, but the television was on (I hope ECG doesn't read this). For some reason, I peeked a bit, and then I watched, and I can't believe anyone put money into producing that. WHAT!!! I guess it's no wonder that at the end, there was an ad asking for sponsors for the show.

Seriously? I wonder if there's supposed to be some kind of storyline. The actors and actresses seemed (were acting) like a bunch of extremely horny kids (maybe that's the storyline). The whole programme just didn't make any sense. Yeah, it's supposed to be an episode in a series and I should have been watching to understand, but trust me, even if I'd been in on the concept from when the creator had it till now, it still wouldn't make it any less twisted (maybe it's supposed to be that way, hence the title).

I watch (on the internet) a lot of foreign (non-Ghanaian) programmes (is that surprising?) and I don't have DSTV (sad) so when Viasat 1 showed up on the scene, I was elated. Why? The station seemed to be anti-Gh content (suited me just fine). Now, either management has changed or management has changed its mind cos there's a whole lot of local programmes on the station, and personally I find most of them... (I reserve my comments).
Big up Viasat 1 though. It is good to patronise made in Gh stuff (if only they would be as good as...)

So, last week, I was at the hair salon and guess what? It was time for "Twisted Tips" and guess what again? The television in the salon was on Viasat 1. So, I really had no choice but to watch (I could've closed my eyes though). Unless they did a recap of the last episode for like 30 minutes, then it was just a repeat of what was shown the previous week (smh).

"Twisted Tips" is on every Saturday on Viasat 1 at 4pm (or is it 4:30pm?) - my attempt at an ad for the show (sponsorship is very very welcome).


  1. I was about to criticize you but then I noticed you had acknowledged Viasat's attempt to air local content.

    My dear, the problem with our local "producers" is that people think all you need is a camera and a few people talking and BAM! You have something for TV. Ama K. Abebrese had better do something about this. After all, she has UK experience. Annaaaaa?

    1. Gotta give them the credit, but...
      The least said about the local producers, hmmmm...
      I doubt if this is what was being done in the UK. I really used to love Viasat 1 but now they are losing me with all these crappy programmes (makes me wonder if these programmes go through any vetting process before being aired).

  2. You are doing well. Keep it up.

  3. Ecg!!!!!!! come and see something here. lol

    1. hahahahaaha... Well... (extremely guilty look)


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