Friday, May 24, 2013

Active Advertising (Seriously?)

I know I said I won't talk about billboards again, but I just couldn't help this one. Billboards just seem to keep beckoning me (so not my fault).

I'm calling this active advertising cos I just don't know what to call it. What do you call an advertisement that requires you to research to find out what the advertiser wants to tell you? Well, since it appears the advertiser wants to involve the audience and wants them to work actively to understand what is being advertised (I hope all that made sense), I'd call it active advertising.

So, I came across such an advertisement on a billboard at the same location I saw the billboard of the Pastors that I said bothered me. Matter of fact, aside the message, this billboard too bothers me cos it has a pastor with a ring, which he appears to be advertising. Do the rings have some kind of powers? (just wondering)

Yeah, nice ring!
Date: 23 Tuesday - 28  Sunday. I guess I'm supposed to pick up my calendar and find out in which month 23 and 28 fall on a Tuesday and Sunday respectively. Should they happen to happen twice in this year (who says it's even this year), I guess I'll just have to guess when the conference is. This billboard has been there for a while and it is actually still there. So, I thought I'd check against this month, since it's still there (just in case), plus it caught my attention this month. And guess what? 23 this month (yesterday) was a Thursday and 28 is a Tuesday. Oh boy! Do I have to work that much to find out when your conference is going to be so I can attend? Or those who are to attend know it?

It really wouldn't have hurt if you'd just put there April 23 - April 28, 2013. That way, when it takes you forever to take your billboard down, we will know the conference is old news.


  1. imagine the stress and confusion.
    how are you doing Dentaa, been a while

    1. Very confusing.
      I'm good Priscy. It has been ages. Hope you doing well.


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