Friday, May 17, 2013

Updates... Billboards, Twisted Somethings...

I almost didn't make it this week (at least one post a week).
Doing it over the weekend will probably not happen, so I've got to do it by Friday.

Ok, so what do we have by way of updates (I almost feel like a news anchor)? The "Definitely Deadly Billboard" is still where it is, in the same condition and it appears it'll be there for a while like that (frankly, I'm tired of talking writing about it). So, to a related topic, I spotted this one just across the road from the entrance (not the Spintex side) to the Accra Mall.

Flexi's still on so I guess it's safe to say, it fell

Yeah I know, still has to do with billboards. Seems this really is nothing new in Gh (appears I'm the only one that's shocked. can you blame me? they are huge). Hopefully, there were no casualties or hopefully, the company pulled it down before it naturally fell (any other ideas?).

I watched "Twisted Tips" again last Saturday, and they didn't spend another 30 minutes doing a recap of the last episode. It appears there might be a storyline (if you can call it that) but it appears "dark and twisty" (picked that line up from Grey's Anatomy). Why do people watch programmes they say are uninteresting (like I keep doing with "Twisted Tips"), cos this time, I went out of my way to watch. Well, maybe it's cos we want to have something to criticise (any other ideas?).

Next week, I'll talk write about something else (that's a promise). Interesting stuff just can't help but happen around me (even if they don't, I'll make my own interesting stuff happen).

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