Friday, August 19, 2011

Controversial Issues: Not Exactly My Thing

This is a bit (well, more like way) out of my league but people are talking about it plenty so I will too. Music is not really my thing but this song "Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians" by "FOKN BOIS" sure is causing a stir. For good and bad reasons depending on the side of West Africa you from. Some think it's hilarious and just a joke especially since one of the singers (lol. hope that's a word) is married to a Nigerian and others find it offensive and insulting. Now, there are two parties to this second category. Those that love it cos it's insulting and those that hate it cos it's insulting. Again, it all depends on the side of West Africa you from. Me, I have a crazy sense of humour. Some people believe I should be locked up in a psych ward so I'll refrain from giving my opinion. I've heard what some Nigerians have had to say about the song but I'm really wanting to hear what Liberians have to say about it. Cos at the end of the song, we find out that Nigerians should thank God  they are not a Liberians. Btw, the part about Charles Taylor's sis, Ms. Seamstress totally cracked me up (this is just the psych ward patient in me talking). But really what were they thinking making this song? Eh? Are they trying to start World War III or something? (the non psych ward patient in me talking). I should probably put up a link to the song. Ok, check it out if you not heard it at Thank God we are not a Nigerians (let's hope I'm not the one fueling World War III with this post).

Boxing is also totally and completely way out of my league. I'm still yet to come to terms with why two people who have probably never met and don't have anything against each other will decide to beat each other up. Well, there's this issue about some fight that happened recently between Ghanaian Joseph Agbeko and another guy from Mexico (I think). I really am clueless about these things (don't even know the name of the other guy) and it was just yesterday that I took time to find out what the issue is about and I actually think that referee should be fired. Well, I hope my being Ghanaian has not clouded my judgment but I have heard the whole story (I think) and seen some clips of the fight. Me, I'd say there shouldn't be a rematch but the first fight and the decision that was made at that fight should be totally thrown out! (that is of course in my honest clueless opinion).

Great! I have drifted and attempted trying other issues but I believe that's enough drifting to last me a while if not a lifetime. I should just stick to my dear ol' Kwaku Doe (at least I'm not clueless about crazy). Don't I just know how to worm Kwaku Doe into every post of mine!



  2. I listened to the song and it is fokn paaaa.


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