Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gh Forensics!

Was just reading about the riots in the UK on Facebook. One of my friend's had put up a post: "Be mindful of what you innocently touch in and around town. Police forensic team gathering evidence in areas hit with break-ins etc."

Then I was reminded of an incident that happened a couple of years ago. A house I was living in got broken into and some things were stolen. The incident was reported to the police and they showed up dusting for finger prints and all. There are two problems here.
1. Does the Gh police have a database to compare the finger prints retrieved to?
2. They didn't take the finger prints of those of us who live in the house at least to eliminate us since we'd been touching the same areas they dusted for prints.
Well, we never heard from them about the finger print dusting and as far as I'm concerned, the thieves got away (well, the security guy was a suspect since everyone believed he was in on the whole thing).

Maybe I've been watching too much CSI and 24 but really if we had a workable database (computerised would do) I'm sure so many of the unsolved crimes in Gh wouldn't remain so.

A while back, I needed a police clearance form to apply for a visa and guess what? It took me barely a day to get it. I could've sworn that my finger prints weren't checked against any database of criminals to be sure I don't have a criminal record. I wonder if the embassies and high commissions in Gh know this. I wonder if they know they might be issuing visas to potential criminals who have clearance from the Gh police to travel.


  1. They know our database is nothing to write home about but i guess its getting better by the day :)

  2. I agree with you Didi.
    I´m sure that people overthere are doing their utmost to make of Ghana a better place to live.


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