Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Controversial Issues: "Thank God We're Not A Nigerians" (A Reply)

So as not to seem one sided, I had to come up with this when I heard about a reply to the FOKN BOIS's song. (Link to "Thank God We're Not A Nigerians" in my previous post, in case you still not heard it).

I'm still so not wanting to start World War III or Africa War I, but seriously, this reply, hmmmm... (the psych ward patient in me thinking).

I look at the first song and I think technically, there's no people in the world referred to as "A Nigerians" but there definitely is a people in the world referred to as "Ghanaians". Seriously, looking at Kubolor asking "A Nigerians" if they can't wear D&G is obviously ridiculous as he walks around barefooted dressed in some sort of an African Kilt.

Me, I think  the song is silly, ridiculous and definitely not serious but it does have an easy to go along with beat and the hook is so easy to sing along to (psych ward patient please, ssshhh). But as for the response (I don't even know who made it, supposed to be anonymous), it's so not easy to sing along to, I could hardly hear the words and I didn't enjoy it kwraaa (not that I enjoyed the one from FOKN BOIS).

But seriously, what have these FOKN BOIS started eh? (non-psych ward patient in me talking). I do hope this is the end of it ooo and there will be no further responses ooo.
Check out the response to the FOKN BOIS Thank God We're Not Ghanaians


  1. I think those who took the song seriously have to pray to GOD for a sense of Humor,i mean these guys are just tryna have fun. i`m mixed and see no problem with it..heard it a few times on the airwaves in +234 and all most people do is just laugh at the funny facts they point out..Haven`t been here in a while,i have a lot of catching up to do especially the KwaKU part of things. :)

  2. Charley, if you ask me, I will say the song is a bit hilarious. But our brothers from Nigeria will not take the song lightly. The song raises a number of issues. Some will think it is racist.Ghanaian scan easily say its hilarious and nothing serious but I believe we would react differently, if we were Nigerians or some Nigerians artistes said these about Ghanaians. Anyway, I think our brothers in Naija should learn to forgive the fokn boys. Afterall, there is kubolor amongst them. Anyway, the song is still great.


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