Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Accra: Out & About

It's amazing the things you get to see when you really look, moving around in Accra.
I came across this building a couple of weeks ago.

That order was put up nearly 6 years ago and though the windows are boarded up, the building actually looked occupied.

Now, reading the order, I get the feeling that the building was supposed to be demolished. Well, I took that picture on July 30, 2011 and the building is still very much standing.

Let's move on to the next. Some of the posters and signs I come across in Accra are just so ridiculous. Seriously, I just wish people will get others to proof read their stuff before they put them up. Better yet, there should be some government organisation taking down posters with bad English (I could be head of that organisation. Just a thought).

2 acres of land, buy or least? I'm guessing the writer wanted to say buy or lease. Well, some of them are hilarious though. Makes driving around more fun.

And then what's up with all these advertisements of instant loans? I wonder how they work. Maybe one day I should call up one of the phone numbers and find out (there definitely should be another organisation investigating the authenticity of these instant loan claims. I could head that one too).

Last but not the least (I've always wanted to use that phrase. Finally, I get to. Yay!) I came across some advertisement strategy by one of the mobile telephony companies, Tigo, sometime last week. They had Mobile Billboards somewhere around the Graphic Road. Interesting and ingenious if you ask me. I doubt if it cost them as much as erecting an actual billboard.

They had a bunch of guys literally wearing billboards and walking around. Some of them were also sitting at pretty vantage points. No motorist could definitely miss them. Great marketing strategy, Tigo! I love it.

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  1. Crazy Spelling Errors,i think these ones are kool..There are real funny ones that makes u laugh till you are mistakenly locked up in the asylum lol.


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