Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kwaku Doe Ousted!

These days Kwaku Doe has been exhibiting certain behaviours which make me wonder if he should be committed to a psych facility. Sometime last week, instead of him making his rounds from car to car begging, Kwaku Doe totally ignored us, his potential benefactors and rather chose to stand in the middle of the street and sing and dance smh. Well, if that show was meant to get our attention, he succeeded but unless he expected us to get out of our cars and give him money, really, what did he achieve?

Yesterday, Kwaku Doe decided to chase a bunch of young guys who had chosen to also beg at his spot. Unlike Kwaku Doe, these young guys made the effort to offer a service, i.e., clean the windshields of cars and then beg for money. I guess realising the threat these guys posed to him, Kwaku Doe decided to chase them away. But seriously, I would rather give money to someone who provided some sort of service to me than someone who did absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately for Kwaku Doe, the guys run away for a bit but came right back when he went about making his usual rounds. Has Kwaku Doe been ousted?


  1. Hey. I haven't been here in a while. It's good to be back to see you're still blogging.

  2. Efua, why are you so into this Kwaku Doe character? lol!

  3. Enyonam,what Etua is doing with KwaKu Doe is the same thing Etv is doing with the Kardashians :)

  4. Hi Efua, I enjoyed reading ur piece, but I will be more glad if u could put it in a book so u could make some money. keep writing


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