Friday, January 13, 2012

Kwaku Doe - FIGHT OOO FIGHT...

Yeah, in true Ghanaian journalistic fashion, I had to make the headline sound dramatic. Well, the incident wasn't that dramatic though. Hope I at least caught your attention (I'm in a very dramatic mood today).

Apparently, there are quite a number of people interested in Kwaku Doe and why he begs on the streets everyday, even though he looks like an able bodied individual capable of working to feed himself. One such person got into an argument with him this morning, resulting in Kwaku Doe telling the person off and ordering her in Twi to "gerrout" with her car when the traffic light was still red. It was just hilarious. I couldn't hear the argument exactly but from Kwaku Doe's gestures and the look on his face, it seemed this person was telling him to go get an honest job and he, Kwaku Doe not too pleased with the advice he was getting, seemed to tell this concerned individual to go stick her advice where the sun don't shine.

I better be on guard next time I decide to ask him plenty questions (haven't done that in a bit though).

So, why am I in a dramatic mood today? MTN are totally pissing me off and they've been at it for a while now. I guess they seem to think it is sand particles that make up their 10 million customers and not individual customers. It seems they do not want my business any more. Well, I am prepared to move elsewhere (after all, mobile telephony is not a monopoly in Ghana run by MTN) but I will collect what is due me before I leave. I will of course write a whole post on MTN and my experience with their BlackBerry service (the reason I seem so occupied and don't blog often). Right now, I'm still feeling too dramatic to write a post about it that makes sense.


  1. you got me. I was wondering who would dare get in a fight with the giant.

  2. LOL oh well, you know exactly the kind of titles that can raise our attention :)
    So this Mtn service is still like this? I wonder why these peeps can't just grow up.

  3. Saw this and opened with the speed of light..Nice 1 lol...Keep the updates coming. I don`t think Kwaku can be talked into getting a job without being pissed off. As for MTN,when Glo comes they will behave..


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