Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Is That Really Necessary?

Driving in Accra, you get to see a lot of ... for want of a better phrase, "interesting things". I really do wonder why people stick any and everything on their cars.

Want a sticker for your car, go get a bumper sticker (unless of course Apple has started manufacturing cars or maybe they do stickers for cars too  )

Apple Car?

And then of course there's always the interesting spellings that catch your eye when you sitting bored in traffic.

Shawer? Which dictionary is that in?

The good news is I got my broken mirror fixed and all the time I drove without a mirror, I never got stopped by police. The bad news is I still take pictures when I'm driving and there's a new habit I've developed too (the reason why I don't blog so often. I do that when I'm driving too).


  1. Stickers are sometimes used to cover dents,Shawer Of Blessing Though Lmao!!!! Please be careful whiles taking those pictures we love & Phew you fixed it at

  2. Hi,Efua all the best in 2012.
    You must visit Suriname.
    It´s like Ghana. You´ll love it.
    I love you.

  3. By all means, stop driving and taking photos. who will keep us posted about the exploits of Kweku Doe if you leave us so soon? We need you alive and well. Drive safely :)


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