Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ghanaians Are Creative Like That!

This has been a long time coming. I said I was gon do this post a coupla weeks ago but I never got round to doing it. I have so much on Kwaku Doe too but I don get to it and then I forget :(

We all know just how creative Ghanaians can be. Yep, we've all heard the gargantuan jokes about Woyome (I even saw a cartoon of a cat singing a song about Woyome). And oh, the just ended AFCON. All the taunts targeted at Asamoah Gyan. Yeah, someone even came up with D&G (originally Dolce & Gabana) Drogba and Gyan cos they both missed crucial penalties. I do marvel sometimes at some of these and they sure do crack me up =D (that is kinda mean cos most of these stuff just make fun of people and that really isn't cool but it's funny papa).

Sometime last year, I was riding home with a work colleague when we saw, somewhere around the Osu area, some pretty innovative guys. Now, we were going too fast to get a picture. Fortunately for us, we bumped into them again on a different day at a different spot, this time close to the Oxford street and this is what we got.

Go figure! Who said there are no jobs in Ghana?
Uh huh! Two guys with a truck, popcorn machine, generator and a sound system (oh my goodness! And the music was just banging). They seemed to be having a whole lot of fun. I sure do hope they making enough money to cover the costs of the popcorn machines and the generator. Talk about a mobile popcorn maker!

Not too long after that, I came across this picture on the front page of the Ghanaian Times.

Who said you can't dress up and roast yam by the roadside?

I know I'd rather buy from him than someone else selling the same thing (it's all about presentation). I really do hope it doesn't get too hot for him though. We all know just how we got summer all year round in Gh.

Whenever I see a car with some printed note stuck on the window or on the windshield, I just assume the car's for sale. How wrong I was this time around.

Talk about mobile advertisement!
At least we all know it won't cost anything to run this ad (assuming the ad is for the car owner).

The most interesting one, I came across last week was a guy riding a bicycle with this huge placard hanging on the front of it that said "for sale". Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture. Cars moving too fast and I was trying to stay safe. I coulda almost kicked myself. I so wanted a picture of that :(

I'm seriously considering getting a picture taker to ride with me. Thing is, most of the action seems to happen at the driver's side of the car. Well, I guess my photographer can ride in the back, directly behind me :D


  1. What can i say?? Ghanaians sure are creative and what a way to sell pop corn :P Your Photographer idea isnt a bad one but looks tedious ;)

    1. ℓσℓ... definitely too much work & I'll have to prolly pay for it.

  2. Will gladly be your photographer. Caleb,Regent University.


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