Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feel Free To Die If You're Not A Driver

I really don't get this and maybe someone can explain it to me. For some reason, Gh cops are so interested in drivers putting on their seatbelts when driving, so much so that they'd arrest drivers that don't have theirs on (I'd know. Yeah, I've been caught a couple of times for that offence). They don't bother when a passenger doesn't have it on. There've been instances where I've been stopped and asked to put on my seatbelt when I've had someone in my front seat who clearly didn't have one on. And trust me, a driver putting on a seatbelt does not in any way motivate passengers to put theirs on (at least not my passengers) and I know lots of cars don't have all their seatbelts intact especially commercial vehicles, but is that an excuse? How do these vehicles get passed as being road worthy?

So, I guess a driver with a seatbelt on can prevent an accident? Or passengers are not in any danger when a car crashes? Or passengers can just go ahead and die? Or passengers can just get out and walk away from a car that's not theirs while drivers would most likely grease the palm of a cop in order to keep their car?

I know there are countries where drivers are fined when they or any one of their passengers don't have a seatbelt on. What's happening in Gh? I wonder if Gh cops know they can also arrest or get more money from a driver whose passengers don't have their seatbelts on (imagine the prospects. unless that's not an offence in Gh). Seriously,  these cops got me so jealous of passengers. I don't particularly like wearing a seatbelt but I got to if I don't want to part with my hard earned cash (motivation if you ask me. now where's the motivation for passengers to put theirs on?).


  1. I'll tell you a secret. Dont tell anyone I told you OK?
    When drivers & passengers see your car approaching, they all immediately put on their seatbelts. Those in trotros without seatbelts start praying.
    Just because you are such a *cough* skillful driver.

    I wonder what makes some of us go against the grain even when it is for our own good .... unless there are penalties involved? I disliked seatbelts for a long time and the sad part is those were the times when I was a reckless driver.
    Thank God I'm alive today and can say "Auntie Efua, put on your seatbelt"

    1. Thank God I'm alive today and can say "I'll think about it mister :D"

  2. I totally agree. Every time I'm in Ghana, my friends laugh at me when I put on my seatbelt. Apparently it is a very "British" thing to do and all their friends from "abroad" do it. If the Law enforcement officers took their jobs seriously (that means KNOWING what their job entails) then perhaps many others would make it a norm to wear seatbelts. It's second nature to me, when I sit in the front of a car.

    1. For some reason wearing a seatbelt is not a Ghanaian thing. It's wrong and we do need to change our attitude whether there are cops around or not.

  3. Exactly wat is done here in 9ja!
    I also used to wonder if the fact that the driver uses his seatbelt is an auto protect for other passengers.
    As U̶̲̥̅̊ rightly noted most commercial vehicles don' † even have their seatbelts intact...and here commercial vehicles carry two passengers in their front seat(yes they do,its norm actually). So,pray tell hw would the seat belt be used?

  4. Two passengers in the front seat? Oh my! smh
    Probably a driver in a seatbelt protects the whole car from crashing (I don't even want to rationalise that cos there's no rationalising it)


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