Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kwaku Doe - Rise to Fame :o)

Well, I did make him kinda popular by blogging about him (definitely rise to fame :D)

It's been a year since I started writing about Kwaku Doe. Yay! Happy Anniversary on this blog Kwabena Bonnah aka Kwaku Doe. I started out writing about him in the "Plight of a Hungry Man" series and then I moved on to the "Kwaku Doe" series. Do read up if you've missed any of them.

I saw him this morning and I can't believe it's been a year already. The guy has been begging consistently for a year (he's been at it for more but I just started writing about him a year ago). Begging must be quite lucrative for him then. I doubt if he's looking for a job.

What has changed about Kwaku Doe since I started writing about him? He's usually clean shaven these days with a neat hair cut. He's developed a love for wrist watches. He's got them in different colours (red, pink, blue and a silvery looking one). Plus he seems quite taken in with skinny jeans. I totally love his pink skinny jeans. I must say he does rock 'em real good :D

I don't get to interact much with him these days but trust me, more stories on the adventures of Kwaku Doe (sounds like a movie or title of a book or something) will be coming up.


  1. why do i have this feeling Kwaku lives in Trassacco Valley? lol dudes getting all sophisticated by the day..

    1. hahahahaha.... honestly, I wouldn't be surprised


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