Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Miss You! Want You! Need You!

I'm listening to Ms. Naa this morning on YFM and her enquiring minds question for the day was, "what was the most inappropriate gift you ever received?"

Of course I was expecting to hear her read out totally hilarious tweets (and I was ready to lol) answering the question, but of course I knew I'd never received any such gift until she reads a tweet from a guy talking about a card he'd received and then it hit me.
I had received a terrifyingly terrible card too that made me just want to gag!

In secondary school, it was Valentine's season (I already don't even like the day for other reasons) and I'm not particularly expecting to get anything. The mail comes in and is being distributed, and my name gets called out. Before I could get out of my bed, my dear friend, CAROLINE! makes a grab for my package (wasn't really a package, was just an extremely huge brown envelop) shakes it, looks through and goes like, "it looks like a card, but its way too small to be in this huge envelope" (like the whole world hadn't already noticed). Does she hand it over to me? No! Caroline opens up the envelope and out falls this card, which I think had happy val's day written on the front. She opens it up and Oh My!

Inside the card was a drawing of a teddy bear and the words:
Miss You
Want You
Need You
Of course that's sweet right? WRONG!
Because the person (my boyfriend at the time) that sent the card signed his name at the bottom of the card after he had so obviously scratched out with blade, something that had been written (obviously another name) in the card. Made me wonder what happened to pen erasers anyways, smh.
The dude sent me a used card! and CAROLINE and HARRYETTE (my friend too) had a good laugh (instead of sympathising with me) at my expense and resolved to call me "Miss You, Want You, Need You", while making funny sounds.

Totally didn't find it funny then, but I think it could be funny now if I felt like laughing.
Seriously can't believe that dude. Who does that? Why? Is sending a val's card by force?
Just the thought that counts my *#~
Miss you gals (CAROLINE & HARRYETTE).


  1. Emmmmm sending a card is kinda by force na, not just sure why he did that. Mine was in secondary school too, a valentines card from a much older guy which had a woman's body on it like from the belly button till halfway down the thighs, and just around the ****** there's a golden keyhole and them somewhere else beside the body, theres a heart shaped cushion, sort of like a pillow with a key on it.

    He had sent it by post to where I was schooling so it got distributed in the dining hall. Wow. My table head grabbed and ripped it open. The guy's picture was in there. So embarassing cos he was really old, then everybody kept passing the card around after giving their own dirty interpretation of the picture. It even got torn a little in the process.

    Hahaha my story is a post on it's own. Hope you're good darling.

    1. Hahahahahaha... feel so much better about mine after reading yours (sowri).
      I'm great sweet, hope you are too :)

  2. Lool wow! He could have just written something nice on a piece of paper now. Haba

    1. Thank you! Simple! Rather put me through all that ridicule :(


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