Friday, June 06, 2014

The Day I Haven't Exactly Forgotten About IV

The Day I Haven't Exactly Forgotten About
The Day I Haven't Exactly Forgotten About II
The Day I Haven't Exactly Forgotten About III
..."get lost", said my brother (nah, he just told the officer to wait till a car was available at the station since the life of his dear sister is more important than a car or a robber at larger).

So off we went to the hospital. We called my aunt who is a medical doctor at this hospital, and she met us in front of the emergency ward. Now, she couldn't treat me herself because for one thing, her oldest patient would be a decade or two younger than me, plus there's the thing about family not treating family. She hands me over to one of her colleague doctors and oh my. In my pain, I was able to appreciate the beauty of God's creation and then he started talking and oh oh my. He had the most beautiful accent I ever heard, and then I actually started listening to what he was saying and then I'm thinking, like seriously? I couldn't even get excited about him touching my jaw. The dude was giving me a lecture on how wrong and dangerous what I did was and how it wasn't worth it etc. etc. (like I didn't already know). Boy was I glad to get away from him when he asked that I get an x-ray of my jaw and chest (we could have been such good friends but he messed it all up with that lecture, now I don't even remember his name and I'm sure it's all his fault).

Thank God, no broken anything or anything funny in the x-ray. I got some pain killers, the doctor filled out the form and I was out of the hospital. I couldn't believe I made it out of that whole thing with just some aches and pains, a few scratches on my neck and arms and a rather nasty sore on my leg (which I still have a not so nice scar of). Matter of fact, I still can't believe it, but it was by the grace of God, so I believe it. Of course I have learnt from my foolishness.
Let the bag go!

My brother and I get to my hood and a bunch of guys stop us just as he was driving onto my street. The guys wanted us to drive to the next street. Why?
After we left, the hunt for the robber continued and it turned out the robber was still in the neighbourhood, but basically jumping from one house to the next. I guess he was scared to get out of the area as he could sense the guys meant business. One of the guys involved in the hunt managed to slash the leg of the robber when he saw him hiding behind someone's hen coop. The robber however managed to get away. The hunt still continued. Eventually, the guys decided to give up since they figured the robber had probably escaped. Just as they were turning round to leave my street, one of the guys noticed that another one of the guys involved in the hunt was bleeding from his leg. Then it hit him. Then he raised the alarm. Oh my! Turns out the robber was involved in his own hunt!
The alarm raised, the hunt resumed with the robber back on the run and the guys in my hood determined not to let him escape. They however had to give up the hunt again...

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