Friday, June 20, 2014

The Day I Haven't Exactly Forgotten About V

The Day I Haven't Exactly Forgotten About IV
...they started to disperse, and one guy who couldn't believe the robber got away, got home, was about to turn in when he decided to get a powerful lamp he had and use it to sweep the whole street, just in case. His decision yielded some results. As he swept the neighbourhood with the lamp, the light from the lamp fell on the rooftop of someone's house and there lay the robber, quietly waiting for everyone to disperse.

The guy raised the alarm and everyone came back, even those that had got to their homes. Now, this robber obviously didn't know my neighbourhood that good because he jumped from the rooftop, I guess thinking he would land in the next house. But next to this house whose roof he had chosen to lie on, is a huge gutter. So into the gutter the robber fell, the guys in my hood literally pounced on him with stones and machetes, then dragged him out of the gutter onto the next street, where they continued with the stones and machetes.

The guys wanted my brother to drive onto the next street so I could identify the robber's lifeless body. We didn't know until we got onto the next street. I almost threw up when I saw the body. I couldn't even look at the body

I appreciate the guys in my neighbourhood having my back (God knows we had had it with these robbers). My condolence to the family of the robber. I know with what he did, I could have been permanently damaged or lost my life, and it wouldn't have meant anything to him. Regardless, I am sorry he died. That's the difference between me and him and that's why I am not a robber. Me feeling bad about him losing his life actually worsened when his uncle went to the police station to write his statement (about this whole thing), and stole a mobile phone. The uncle ended up behind bars, because he was caught (who even does that? steal in a police station?). Then I started to wonder if he being a robber was due to nature or nurture or peer pressure.
RIP Mr. Robber (I never knew his name).

Nope, that wasn't the end of it...

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