Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Updates (Shoprite)

No, I don't have a personal vendetta against Shoprite.
You know how people choose to ignore others who do wrong things because they just don't care about them and punish those they care about because they want them to learn and do the right thing?
I actually enjoy shopping at Shoprite (minus the cockroaches and flies of course). So, if the wrong thing keeps going on at Shoprite and I keep mum about it, that just means I gave up on them, realised they have no interest in changing their life and I have stopped shopping there.

Yes, I do still shop at Shoprite (that really is how I'm able to get pictures and stories etc.).
No, I don't go to Shoprite purposefully to snoop around. I go there to shop (I presume like everyone else there) and then I see something, so I write about it mainly because I want things to change not because I dislike the shop or the owners (don't even know who owns Shoprite).

So yesterday, after my post (way after my post), I had to get a bottle of wine so I headed on to Shoprite at the Oxford Street Mall. I enter the shop at about 2 minutes to 9pm (the shop closes at 9pm). I get my bottle of wine, I'm about to pay for it and then something catches my eye. Naturally I move to get a closer look. All the refrigerated shelves that stocked raw vegetables and yoghurt and other stuff I can't remember had been covered with plastic sheets from top to bottom. I had never seen anything of the sort ever. There were spaces in between the plastic sheets I guess so customers can reach to pick up stuff from the shelves. The covered shelves included the last picture I put up with the fly.

Of course I wanted to take a picture of this especially since I am not 100% sure my explanation makes total sense, but before I could get my camera (phone really) out, one security guard approached me and said I should hurry up and leave because the shop was closed (thought they were supposed to be patient and cater to all customers that make it in before closing time). As the guy wouldn't move until I made a move to pay for the bottle of wine in hand, I couldn't take any pictures :(

I am not absolutely sure what the plastic sheets are supposed to do, but I'm guessing to somehow protect the raw food from flies. How? I'm guessing again that the plastic sheets, which were actually very thick (I felt them) would keep most of the cold air in thus keeping flies out (I imagine flies dislike cold). Interestingly, I look to the regular shelves directly opposite the plastic sheet enclosed refrigerated shelves, and there sits a fly (at 9pm) on a tin of canned fruit.

So, yes, Shoprite in the Oxford Street Mall is doing something about its fly problem. As to how effective this something is, well...

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