Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cutting My Nose

I'm on my way to work this morning, I'm not quite happy and just at the Danquah Circle, I do the right thing by giving way to traffic on my left when a taxi driver behind me starts honking at me. Now, just as he did, I could have moved but out of anger, I just stayed put and allowed all the cars to go.

I was almost an hour late to work and of course I was in a hurry and didn't see why this taxi driver (I was probably in more of a hurry than he was) should be honking at me when I was doing the right thing. I stayed where I was until this driver in a 4x4 thinking I was a damsel in distress stopped and motioned for me to move. I still didn't move until the good Samaritan started causing traffic in his lane and everyone was just honking (why aren't people patient in the morning?). That's when I took off. At this point the taxi driver behind me had switched lanes and was getting ready to over take me but I showed him just how much more powerful my car was over his.

So, I got to the office extra late because I decided to cut my nose to spite my face.

Morale of the story: never fail to teach an annoying taxi driver a good lesson even if it means hurting yourself.


  1. Some Taxi drivers take advantage of the rush hour to make extra cash,that was why he wanted you race.they can be annoying though..good U thought him a lesson.

  2. Ok Danica Patrick. LoL
    It was nice speeding away from the taxi right?

  3. stumbled upon ur blog when donig some research for my boss and i've gotta say i dont regret coming across ur blog. u're crazy(in a good way)and fun too. keep it up,girl.


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