Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wave

I used a different route to work this morning not because I'm avoiding the World Trade Center but because I went with a friend and she works just after Circle. So here I am heading towards Kwame Nkrumah Circle from the Obetsebi Lamptey Circle when I see this man that looks awfully familiar in the lane next to me.

Now, I would have just ignored him and the whole situation if he hadn't also been staring at me but he was. My lane went a little ahead of his and then his caught up so my car and his were right next to each other. The man was still looking (more like staring) so I gave a little wave and he smiled back. Then I tell my friend to look because it was this man we had worked with some time last year. She looks at him and is like it's not him.

Oh my goodness. I had just waved a complete stranger who happened to be a man (he'll think I was scoping him out). That wasn't even the worst part. My friend then goes like look, his wife is looking. I take a closer look and see there's a woman sitting next to him. That was when I just wished the ground would open up and swallow me. For some reason right after that, my lane and his moved at the same pace. Ei! I don't believe I have sweated (I hope that's a word) that much in my life early in the morning before. My lane went ahead a bit and my friend suggested I switch lanes. Right after I did guess what? The man switched lanes as well. Now I was convinced they wanted to catch up with me so the wife could pour acid on me. Well eventually they made a U-turn (that's why he switched lanes).

Start of a horrible day. I get to the office and my boss (I hope he doesn't read this blog) pisses me off. It's going to be one heck of a long day!


  1. Damn! What a morning! I know what it feels like when your boss pisses you off so early in the morning. Sorry bout that.

    Now back to the main issue... Why were you sweating? Bo ne bein na wa ye? You just waved at the man for chrissake. It's not like you blew him a kiss. lol! Then again, we women can sometimes be jealous b##^%# (forgive the lingua). :-)

  2. OMG!! lol..There is nothing wrong waving at a total stranger but the presence of a woman made it awkward. Now his wife would ride with him everyday and i hope she does not pour your acid on him for being nice..Women are like that sometimes..have a blessed day. ;-)

  3. lol You got the man so confused he lost his way and had to make a U-turn.


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