Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Plight of a Hungry Man - Part Five

What's up with Kwaku Doe anyways? Ah! He seems to have disappeared. I know I was late today as well (didn't take yesterday's mental note into consideration) but really he got a job to go to at 8am or something? I got there just about 8am and he wasn't there. Where could he possibly have going at that time? I was actually considering giving him some money so  I could see him up close and then maybe determine if he got mental issues or something. He really is messing everything up or maybe I am messing things up with my lateness.

Come to think of it, he just might have moved on and found a better spot. Business wasn't exactly booming at the spot I'm used to seeing him at. I really hope he hasn't. I do want a chance to see him up close though. I will not be late for the rest of this week. If by Friday I still haven't seen him, I'll just give up and move on with my life (ok, now that just sounds crazy but he's really holding things up for me). He better show up real soon or I'm finding a new interest.

Next update: Friday. Hopefully I'll have something to report by then. 

In the mean time, has anyone ever wondered why it is that at the start of most relationships (from what I've heard and experienced and seen) the guy is all smitten doing all the chasing, the girl doing all the running, ignoring, avoiding etc. and then when the two do land together after approximately 3 months everything changes? It's the girl that's smitten and doing all the chasing and the guy doing all the running, ignoring, avoiding etc.

Watch this space. New Series coming up soon! Kwaku Doe is getting tired and old. Besides he's being uncooperative by not showing up at his usual spot.

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  1. [stroking my beard] I can't tell if you switched gears on us or if we still have Kwaku Doe on the board. This thing about relationships. I doubt that Kwaku Doe is playing hard-to-get with you. :-)


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