Thursday, April 14, 2011


On my way to work this morning, I'm listening to the radio and I hear this hip life song playing about "why do women like womanizers". Now, I wasn't particularly blown away by the song but the lyrics got my attention.

Why do women like womanizers, players, whatever you want to call them anyways? Could it be that somewhere inside of us we secretly love the drama they bring? Imagine being with a "good" guy who never brings any drama your way. Snooping through his cell phone would be a useless venture because all you'll see are text messages to and from his mama and pastor. The last ten outgoing and received calls will probably be to and from his boss, his mama and again his pastor. He calls you all the time (you probably have to never call him because he does that always). Picking an argument with him is an even more useless venture because he won't even start, he'll just let you win (where is the fun in that?). What on earth would you get to nag and b**** about? And then again there's the whole appeal that "bad" boys seem to have (whatever the reason is, I honestly have no idea).

I know I love drama, I thrive on it sometimes and I'm sure a whole lot of ladies do too (even if you may not admit it and profess to be looking for your "good" guy blah blah blah... Thing is you can't have drama when you feel like it and then expect it to go away when you don't want it. You are either sticking with your drama free "good" guy or settling for your "bad" boy and expect drama even when you are not in the mood.


  1. As a guy i have learnt that bad boys get all the good girls & vice versa :) together they start a telenovela.

  2. hahahaha that is sooo funny about the good guy's call & text log. No mysterious numbers on there to use in starting a fight. And you ladies sure love to pick fights. lol
    I think it is true. Women love bad boys! Bad boys are challenging, and we all love a challenge.

  3. I hate and avoid womanisers.

    The best boyfriends i have ever dates, only had me in their life bcos am drama in my own right. Yes his mobile phones was about me, his mum or his coursemate/work mate and I loved it like that. Its other things that led to the break up, not jumping on every woman on

    I love geeky boys, you know those smart ones that are socially inept? Like that steve urkell character in the sitcom, 'family matters?' Or those kinda men in the big bang theory? I am crazy about them. I hate womanisers with my core

    Well done to the ladies chasing womanisers, your suffering will just


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