Friday, April 08, 2011

Plight of a Hungry Man - Part Six

I've given up on Kwaku Doe. It's been a whole week and I haven't set eyes on him. He obviously has moved on and I believe so should I. He's either found a more profitable spot or maybe he's got a job. Whatever it is, I guess I'll just leave it to my imagination.

I'm not done though... Today I saw something, well more like someone who totally got my attention. Just at the TUC traffic light, there was this man who I thought to be mentally challenged because he had dreadlocks and though he wasn't too shabbily dressed, he was standing in front of one of the cars and appeared to be talking. Now, I saw his lips move and all but he was looking to the sky. What struck me as odd was the driver of the car didn't make an attempt to move (well, there really was no where for him to go because the traffic light  was red) and he didn't even bother to roll up his windows. Honestly, I was scared for the driver of the car. Any which ways, when the driver paid him no mind, this man moved away and I was just hoping and praying that he wouldn't make his way to my car (but if he did, I was prepared to turn on my hazard lights and honk my way through the red light). Well he didn't come to my car but it was when he moved away that I saw what got my attention.

The dreadlocked (hope that's a word in the English Dictionary), not so shabbily dressed man had a stick which he used to guide himself! Now, for all of y'all that are slow and didn't get that, the man is blind. OMG! The blind man knows what's up. He got swag. He got dreads.

Well of course my ever so suspicious mind started wondering if he really is blind or if that was just an attempt to make a little something something for himself. But if he really is blind, that is something. Maybe he had the dreads before he went blind and decided to keep it or maybe it's the kind of dreads that mentally challenged people on the streets develop because they don't take care of their hair. Whatever it is, that guy totally and completely caught my eye this morning and put a smile on my face (actually, he got me laughing).

So, I'm out. I've put Kwaku Doe to bed and will get at something else next week. I do hope he doesn't decide to turn up next week because I've like seriously lost interest. He should stay where ever he's at and leave me alone (still sounding absurdly crazy).


  1. Gr8, these guys go all out to get the little cash we make for ourselves.
    you should go to the circle overhead and interview that younster who poses asa student from legon who has lost his wallet....cheers,jnr

  2. With or without Kwaku, you are marvellous.
    You are writing your way to be a newspaper column writer.
    Everything you touch comes out well done.
    Go ahead baby.



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