Friday, April 01, 2011

Plight of a Hungry Man - Part Three

I didn`t see Kwaku Doe this morning and I found myself worrying about him. Really don`t know why I`m so affected by him. Maybe it was the look on his face. Well, whatever it was, I`ll just have to wait till Monday. I was late this morning. He probably has a particular time he stands at the traffic light. I probably just missed him.

At least now I got motivation to leave home early for work.

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  1. Nice work Belinda,u write very well. As for Kwaku & Akua Doe,the situation of having mentally disabled people on our streets would soon be a thing of the past "i Hope"..NGOs are working round the clock to get them off the streets in order to offer them better treatment & protection..but the sad/good thing is they starting from the Most deprived Region in Ghana"Northern Region".I think some of these guys are just faking coz there is these Guy i use to meet almost everyday @ Circle, Who keeps saying he is a student of A-poly n hails from Nsawam "blah blah".Its the Money he


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